Mermaid and Unicorn Spray Tutu Drop 8/14-8/16

This collection is for the Mermaid and Unicorn Spray Tutu drop Friday, August 14th through Sunday, August 16th.

For this drop you will build your own mermaid or unicorn inspired spray tutu.

You will be able to choose the following:

One tulle color, one base spray color and one glitter blast color

When creating your tutu, keep in mind the color combinations and layering of colors. Lighter colors work best for the base (tulle color) with the darker colors working best for the sprays and glitter blasts.

Most glitter blasts have a base color too. Ex: turquoise glitter blast will be a turquoise spray with glitter mixed in. They are not as predominant as the base spray colors, but can affect the final outcome of the color mix between base spray and glitter blast. It is recommended that the base spray and blast are close in color.

If you do want a multi-color look for the spray and glitter blast, it is recommended that you choose the darker color for the base spray and the lighter color for the glitter blast. This will prevent the mix of the spray and glitter blast from over saturating the base spray color.

If you are unsure of exactly how your color choices might affect each other, but want to order so you don't miss out, choose the colors that you want and select the "contact me before fulfilling order" and make sure you have an email address listed for contact.

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